The Veteran Centre

The Danish Veteran Centre is a coordinating body organized under the Danish Ministry of Defense, working to support and treat Danish veterans and their families as well as furthering the acknowledgement of their efforts and sacrifices. The Centre operates within the Danish welfare model and the Centre’s various support and treatment options for veterans complement services and treatment offered by the Danish universal healthcare system.


The Danish Veterans policy recognizes veterans for their service to Denmark. The policy defines the veteran effort to include the time before, during and after deployment. The policy grants veterans lifelong access to support and treatment. The policy also recognizes that veterans are not the only ones affected by deployment. Veteran’s families are therefore integrated into the effort. The policy stipulates that support for the wounded must be a coordinated and integrated effort that focuses on the needs of the individual veteran. Finally, the policy states that service in international operations is on behalf of Denmark. Upon veteran’s return, the respectful reception of veterans is a shared responsibility between state, region and municipal actors.


The Danish Veteran Centre cooperates closely with government authorities, providers in the healthcare system, municipalities as well as a large number of voluntary organizations to support veterans and their relatives. The Centre functions as a 24/7 one-point of entry to cohesive and comprehensive support and treatment from the Centre’s psychologists and social workers. 


The Centre offers treatment for deployment-related psychopathology working primarily with cognitive behavioural approaches, but also conducts clinical research projects within e.g. EEG Neurofeedback Training, Basic Body Awareness Therapy, Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and Complex PTSD. The Centre conducts research projects within methods of pre-deployment resilience and mental health training, post-deployment screening and reintegration into civilian society. 


Veterans are recognized as a resource for the society and the Centre offers support and advice to soldiers and veterans regarding employment and education. The Centre helps translate military skills to civilian work requirements. The Centre also offers information and guidance when choosing a new career or education.